Saturday, July 22, 2006

Probiotics: The Staff of Life

Probiotics have been shown to be very effective in improving overall health.

Since the days when acidophilus first entered the vocabulary there has been a quest for the "perfect" probiotics. The word "probiotic" means "for life," as opposed to "antibiotic," which means "against life." It has been recognized for centuries that cultures added to such foods as milk, producing yogurt and cheese, are beneficial to human health: Hence, they are probiotics. These probiotics are composed of many different strains of bacteria that thrive in the intestine and could thus be called "intestinal flora." Included within this category of bacteria are not only acidophilus but many other strains - more than 400 different species - including bifidus, bactilis subtilis and various substrains, as well as soil-based organisms, which under normal circumstances release "beneficial enzyme, hormone and nutrient by-products" into the soil. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted using a large variety of probiotics or intestinal bacterial flora, with a wide spectrum of results and probiotics therapy being recommended by scientists and doctors in many parts of the world.

For the rest, please see Probiotics: The Staff of Life.

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Anonymous said...

in general i would say that population is in probiotic deficiency.

acidofile bacteria are needed, after you perform either mechanical or diet colon cleansing (highly recommended).

p.s.there are certain conditions, under which probiotics are bad for you (when you have yeast overgrowth - so as with everything, you have to know state of your body before you start doing something :)

Colon cleansing is always beneficial though :P