Saturday, December 30, 2006

Yucky, yellow teeth?

If so, well, you're just socially unacceptable.

Here's a freebie tooth-whitening kit that may be of interest: SmilePro by Dr. Rudy, "Dentist to the Stars." Cheesy ad, but what the hey, it's free.

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candoor said...

hmmm... I sit here, irreverent and aloof, wondering why I am intrigued by your apparent concerns and caring... I think that upon stumbling into your world (and feeling the deja vu sense of being here before, perhaps when I was blogmad), I am feeling like you could just be a good influence and upon feeling this, I may be realizing how much I had given up on finding an influence I might actually allow influence me in spite of my telling myself (and the world) that I am hoping to find said influence...

thanks, I think :)