Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Panic Disorder and Anxiety Attacks

There was a long period when I suffered serious, debilitating panic attacks. I have managed to minimize them to the point of near non-existence. One of the methods I used was brought to my attention by Joe Barry, author of "Panic Away." This program has been very beneficial, and I highly recommend it.

As I say, I suffered debilitating panic attacks that sometimes left me paralyzed. I know how much life can be lost in that manner. I also used the nutritient GABA, which I have written about. That article mentions Joe Barry's Panic Away as well. If you or a loved one suffer from panic disorder and anxiety attacks, I highly recommend these two methods.


Anonymous said...

If someone's little baby gets kidnapped, they will indeed slip into heavy panic and anxiety. Glad all that is over for you.

Acharya S said...

Thank you! Yes, that was a very traumatic experience, as you can imagine, that continues to have repercussions to this day, although nothing like it was, I'm happy to say!